Restaurant Business

Our motto is to offer superb hospitality with serving highly elegant cuisines.
We are fostering the "human resources" who interact with all people with the spirit of hospitality and planning and operating attractive restaurants.

Corporate Group

ATC dining Co., Ltd.

Restaurant business centered on the operation of "Ushiya Ginbei", a yakiniku restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo

ATC Dining manages, plans and operates the yakiniku restaurant "Ushiya Ginbei" and the Japanese black beef burger "Ginbei GINZA BURGER". We are committed to using high quality ingredients and strive to serve meals that can only be tasted here at reasonable prices and to make our customers happy.


Japan Field Co., Ltd.

The "Curau Division" offers various restaurants.

Japan Field Curau Division operates two stand-up-eating steak specialty stores, "Ikinari! Steak", and a traditional Osaka flavor "Kushikatsu Tanaka" in the Kansai region. We are promoting not only franchises but also our own brands.