Total service solutions incorporating our unique patented technologies, quality control systems, and collaboration with human resource management and real estate service partners.

Our Service

Chemical Products

Unique technologies include our 0.03mm thickness plastic tubes and accordion tubes made with our patented technologies and original production equipment

We excel in manufacturing high-value tubes, produced by our patented technologies and original production equipment.
We strive to meet a range of needs with inverted accordion pipe production, mass production orders, prototyping and product development.

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Harness Production

Count on dependable quality such as flameproofing in our harness manufacturing

We produce wire harnesses for construction machinery, water heaters, and forklifts.
Versatile precision techniques allow production in ranges anywhere from 0.3 to 14 mm2, providing high-quality yet low-cost operation.
Rely on us for quality dependable harnesses with durability such as flameproofing. Our flexibility also allows for short leadtime and small lot production.

Group Enterprise

Asahi Engineering Co., Ltd.

Cutting edge technologies in pursuit of accuracy & excellence

Our versatile woodworking services provide quality design and manufacturing of anything from sophisticated prototypes to small parts.
We particularly specialize in producing custom-ordered wood items such as work stations or tool boxes.
We do metal and plate working as well, and hence are also able to create metal and wood combination products.


Asahi Pactem Co., Ltd.

A complete system from design to delivery

Case making involves multiple processes.
We provide one-stop service from design and printing, to production and delivery.
We accommodate your varied needs with high quality cardboard boxes, kraft paperboards, polyethylene foam sheets, tapes, and more.


Shinsyou Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Rely on us for the molding and processing of your plastic automotive parts.

Shinsyou Kasei Kogyo is a manufacturer mainly specialized in plastic molding and processing for automotive parts.
The company offers a wide range of molding machines in varying capacities (180 to 850 t), and superior expertise in welding techniques.
Whatever your specific need may be, let us know and we'll surely have a solution.